Monday, June 7, 2010

First Sips

Not too long ago, I started reading Lettie Teague's columns on wine for "Food & Wine" magazine. I love her playful style and the amusing wine-related games (i.e. tastings) she organizes for the sake of research.  In October 2008, for instance, she tricked her group of wealthy wine connoisseur friends into drinking a 1995 Washington State Cabernet/Merlot blend thinking all along it was a lauded ’82 Ch√Ęteau Mouton Rothschild. The fact that she always incorporates her fancy friends into her writing is also entertaining. Characters like The Collector, the CFO and others who do not hide behind humorous nicknames add a colorful dimension to her adventures throughout the wonderful world of wine.

The more I read, the more it made sense to me to do something similar here in Cyprus, a.k.a. The Rock. I have a wealth of friends (a French connoisseur, a guy who lost his sense of taste, a man-child obsessed with Disney) who would make for vibrant characters in my weekly ramblings as I work my way through The Rock's vineyards, wine specialty shops, bars, restaurants & hotels, and creative tastings. I can even foresee (wifeless) voyages together to Santorini, Sicily and/or New Zealand to taste unique island wines, eat buttery foods and meet the local, uh, female population.

With that said, welcome to Whine On The Rocks. Obviously, I do not have Teague's expertise, refined palate and writing skills but I will do my best to be honest and (occasionally) funny. And I apologize well in advance for any typos, sexual innuendo and politically incorrect remarks. Bear in mind this blog involves writing under the influence and drinking never fails to bring out the nasty in me.

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