About Us

I am not going to lie to you. I launched this blog to keep my writing sharp and my drinking steady.

At the same time, I thought the world was ready for a somewhat humorous blog dedicated to island wines and what life's like on an isolated rock in the middle of the Mediterranean. Here at Whine On The Rocks you will find island wine reviews, profiles on Cypriot wineries and wine-related events, interviews with local connoisseurs, crazy innovative tastings, some literary fiction and travel writing, and random (whiny) rants on my life in Cyprus.

As for me, I am just an Ecuadorian cultural anthropologist-cum-writer who landed on Aphrodite's Rock in 2006 as yet another of everlasting love's casualties. Feel free to engage me on anything related to island wines, football (soccer) and NCAA basketball, country music and jazz, Latin America, literary fiction and gastronomy. If you ever get an urge to send me a gift, I am obsessed with multicolored socks. The more obnoxious, the better.

For my first post, which lays out the overall spirit of my ramblings, click here.