Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Bogeyman?

A few weeks ago, My Zolpidem Supplier invited The Wife, Ph.D., My Life Coach and me over for a housewarming dinner. Throughout the night, the conversation was vibrant and intellectually stimulating yet excessively whiny as it often is when you round up four US-educated transplants to The Rock and massage their vocal chords with alcohol. Soon enough we began discussing child-rearing practices and how they vary from culture to culture. Someone mentioned that most countries have their own version of the bogeyman, that creepy figment of an exhausted adult's imagination that inhabits closets or crouches under beds waiting for an opportune chance to scare the living shit out of a naughty three-year old or drag him away to a distant land where candy tastes like boiled liver and iPods drop peas instead of pop. We laughed about the Baboulas and El Cuco and El Ogro and Luis Alberto Suarez, Ghana's new version of the bogeyman. Then, in a Zen-like moment, I deadpanned: "If our children misbehave, we will just tell them to pack their bags 'cus La Migra is en route to ship their unruly asses back to Quito."

2010 Aes Ambelis Rose (Maratheftiko & Lefkada) - Its seductive bouquet is dominated by candied cherries, strawberries, raspberries and a minty/herbal component. It has a nice attack of strawberry and pomegranate on the front end but shortly thereafter veers off and dies down. Very short wine that I believe would have benefited from added acidity. 85/100.

2007 Ktima Argyrides Maratheftiko - This wine won the Grand Gold Medal at the 4th Cyprus Wine Competition held in 2009. Dark fruit (blueberry, blackberry and plum) complemented by savory notes of olives and black pepper on the nose. Dark fruit, bubble gum (?!?) in the mid-palate, coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. Quite tannic and the alcohol spikes a bit. 87/100.

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