Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do The Logo-Motion!

Three days ago was the one-year anniversary (applause!) of this blog and The Wife, Ph.D., couldn't be happier. At first, she doubted my dedication to the project since she's scared to death of my torrid extramarital romance with Princess Procrastination. But, today, after countless drunken nights, thousands of embarrassing words, and one worrying rendezvous with local immigration authorities, she can rest assured that we're here to stay. So there couldn't be a better time to unveil the Whine On The Rocks logo, courtesy of The Graphic Designer who provided me with twelve different options, eleven of which had to be voted off The Rock by the tribal council. Actually, they were all great but this one seemed like the best one to tattoo onto my left pectoral. Branding they call it these days.

On another note, Decanter Magazine (July 2011) issued its "2011 Power List" in the wine world and "the amateur wine blogger" came in at number 16. Obviously, blogs wouldn't exist without readership, so thank you, dear readers, for paying even the slightest of attention to my ramblings. Please keep the comments coming and let us know how we can improve. Just in case you're interested, here's Decanter's text on our club:
"As social media continues its relentless online spread, everyone is now a critic. Or, at least, anyone with basic computer literacy. The ease both of setting up blogs and joining online conversations about wine means that consumers are now able to share information and opinions with each other as never before - all the time diluting the importance of the professional critic. As wine markets such as the US continue to mature, so consumers will come to better trust their own judgment - and that of their peers. Online commentary has empowered consumers in a way that print media struggles to, and the upshot is a world of rapidly evolving views and insights which are increasingly becoming a key reference point - a forum - with which winemakers and producers can engage."

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The Life Coach said...

Mateo, i'm a fan of your blog and now logo (I can see a bit of the Wife Ph.D. smiling in it) and happy to see you're on your way to branding all this great storytelling. Speaking of suggestions, I would love something like a suggestion box on your blog of topics to cover. For instance, as an amateur, I'd love to know what wines to pick when I go into a wine cellar, what to look for in good wine etc. Other people can rate the topics posted and then, you can choose to cover the most popular ones. If you wrap all of that into short funny stories, then your blog stays on my weekly reading list! And if you offer opportunities for your readers to co-create, I'm sure you'll get on that Power List very soon.

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