Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Praise Of The Rock's Vino

My editor at Cyprus Gourmet, Matthew Stowell, recently penned a piece praising Cypriot wine. Among the article's many gems:
"Lately, Ayios Onoufrios, which I contend is far superior to most French, Spanish, Italian or Australian wine costing 6 Euros, has been selling in my local supermarket for 3.95 a bottle.  I have tried only two or three French wines at 8 Euros that are better in quality than Cypriot bottles in the same price range, and these were certainly not from supermarkets.  At the next level, at 10 or 11 Euros, Cyprus wines are infinitely better value-for-money than most other wines in the market.  Try a Vlassides or Kyperounda Shiraz, a Fikardos or Lambouri Maratheftiko, an Aes Ambelis Cabernet or Vasilikon Methi (Cabernet), a Zambartas Rose or Tsiakkas Chardonnay Barrique and tell me I’m wrong. "
This is a must-read for the "Neophyte Wine Snobs" who still doubt our vino. Click here to read in its entirety.


malina said...

So true, I’m not Cypriot and I’m teaching Cypriots that they do have good wines. Ayios Onoufrios is really a decent wine especially for its price. Vlassides or Kyperounda Shiraz are among my favourites. All Zambartas wines are good, but a bit pricy when it comes to red, the same for Hadjiantonas. And then Kyperounda Petritis and Stroumbeli Chardonnay are my summer favourites (I used to like Vasilikon as well, but I guess I’m just bored already). I also believe that you need to spend more on a French wine that will be equally good as a Cypriot one (one of a good), at least here, in Cyprus. Unfortunately, it is not always true for Spanish or New World wines (there are relatively good and inexpensive choices), and also, when it comes to spending 17 Euro for Hadjiantonas, yes I do have a choice of better imported wines in this price. But for summer wines (white and rose for me) Cyprus beats everything.

Mateo Jarrin Cuvi said...

Hi Malina,

I wholeheartedly agree with you when it comes to wines in the 5-to-10 Euro range, specially roses which I think are excellent across the board. And thanks for reading the blog, hope you enjoy it. Happy drinking!

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