Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Case of Questions with Elena Sophocleous Toth,

Elena Sophocleous Toth, mastermind behind the quite useful, was kind enough to participate in the blog's Case of Questions. I wrote a very short profile of the service a few months ago and reached out to Elena to gauge her interest in participating. Voila the result.

Why wine?

EST: Since our move from Sweden to the island we discovered Cyprus really has world class quality wines. I wanted to learn more...

First wine that really captured your attention? How old were you?

EST: I think when starting to explore Stockholm's many fabulous fine-dining restaurants in my mid-twenties I started to speak a special dialect of French involving bouquet and tannins.

All-time favorite bottle of wine?

EST: Ha. It must be that unlabeled bottle of white my friend received from her work. It was the last most unwanted bottle, as she was late to the party. When I visited her that middle-of-the-week afternoon, she invited me to join her and her toddler daughter for a simple meal. I remember we had fish fingers and we uncorked that mystery bottle to find a year imprinted under the cork: 1975. Had it gone sour? Flush it down the drain? So glad we didn't. It was absolutely fab. (Very special food-wine pairing.)

Favorite wine-producing region? Why?

EST: Currently into local wines. Not sure Cyprus counts as a region though? [Editor's Note: Of course!] France otherwise. No specific region in mind.

Favorite wine-and-food pairing? 

EST: Awesome red with red meat and nice white/rose with seafood/fish/white meat That's how far my food-wine pairing skills stretch. Let me get back [to you] in 10 years.

What is Cyprus missing when it comes to wine?

EST: Recognition locally and worldwide. The “buy local” trend can help increase sales of our great local wines. Cooperation between wineries are truly great initiatives such as for filling international demands as embraced by beautiful Mrs Olivia Haggipavlu @ ETKO.

What do you foresee for Cyprus's wine industry? 

EST: Positive growth!

What do you enjoy most about your work in the wine world?

EST: My wine work consists of enjoying lovely wine with fantastic people. No more.

What is your "Five Year Plan" for your business?

EST: Keeping the service up-to-date, useful and perhaps market it more.

Who is your favorite wine personality? Why?

EST: Marcos Zambartas, the humble star (besides his father) of Zambartas Wineries.

Any embarrassing episodes involving spilled wine, corkscrews, sommeliers or drunken behavior? 

EST: Me? Naaah.

Of course, your all-time favorite island wine?

EST: Thinking of some jewels from Zambartas or Kyperounta.

For more information, you can reach here.

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