Friday, January 24, 2014

Lunar Calendar? Root Day? Pfft!

Here's a neat video of Nicos Manessis, Greek wine journalist and Regional Chair for Greece of Decanter's World Wine Awards, interviewing Mike Jones, oenologist at Gentilini Winery, and Stuart Graham, a visiting oenology graduate, on the island of Kephalonia's wines. They take a close look at the 2011 Gentilini Robola and 2010 Eclipse Mavrodaphne, discussing the varieties and winemaking process. Things get a bit kooky once Petros Markantonatos, the winery's owner, joins them for a tasting on a "root day," a big no-no for proponents of biodynamic winemaking. They pretty much laugh it off and continue enjoying their red. As it should always be.

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