Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Palms of God Are Pink

On Friday I decided to chuck the playbook out the window and improvise. Two wines instead of only one. A small yet festive group of co-tasters including the Disney-obsessed man child, his wife Minnie Mouse, and The Wife, Ph.D's best friend, My Zolpidem Supplier. A thirty-seven Euro can of French foie gras. There were also other foods (dates wrapped in bacon, brie, prosciutto, chorizo, salami, smoked ham, gorgonzola, tabbouleh, baguettes, black olives, chocolate mousse, etc.) but who really gives a damn when the centerpiece involves the pricey livers of force-fed ducks. Cypriot men only wish they were so lucky to be stuffed with kebab by some cute French farm girl.

To keep things even more interesting, we placed a few bets prior to kickoff. Gambling is legal and sickeningly pervasive on The Rock. Brave its streets for a few days and on every corner you will see a betting shop or casino, their schizophrenic signs an eyesore to some, an open invitation to waste away to others. The Wife, Ph.D., gambled in favor of the South Americans while I put my five euros on at least one homesick Uruguayan fan confusing a vuvuzela with a bombilla and sucking instead of blowing. Not that there is much of a difference when it comes to other endeavors but, in this case, it is one thing to contribute to noise pollution and another to feel the steamy, sweet, herbal nectar of the Pampas sliding down your throat.

In the end, improvisation (like the foie gras) was the night's brilliant centerpiece. Just ask all those future generations of Ghanaian children who will be tormented in their sleep by a rabbit-toothed, sleepy-eyed white man dressed in sky blue slapping their footballs away with the bright pink palms of his hands. Luis Suarez is a God in Uruguay but in Ghana he is the closest thing to the bogeyman.

2009 Zambartas Rose Cabernet Franc/Lefkada - This wine was commended by Decanter, the UK's premier wine magazine. A beautiful cranberry yet slightly cloudy color. A lovely bouquet of fresh-cut roses, strawberries and pomegranate. Somewhere between tart and crisp to the mouth, very flavorful and refreshing. Slightly acidic. 90/100.

2009 Ezousa Rose Maratheftiko -Unique aromas pop out of this very interesting wine made of Maratheftiko, The Rock's most promising indigenous red grape. Imagine a freshly-baked banana, peach and caramel cake. Medium-to-dry, very smooth and flavorful. 87/100.

Overall Football-Watching Experience: 4.5 out of 5 as a result of the match's dramatic finish, the foie gras, and the Disney-obsessed man child ending the soiree by calling the blog's author "fat and funny."

Final Tasting: July 7, Germany vs. Spain
Wine: 2006 Ayia Mavri Mosxatos (Muscat)

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