Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Standing Tall

Whenever I see my parents, Mr. Flog and Mrs. Broken Record, I make sure to take with me a couple bottles of The Rock's and/or Greece's finest. Even though Mr. Flog has a soft spot for Argentine Malbec--my theory is that it reminds him of his youth in San Juan and all the beautiful ladies--he loves most wines and generally  appreciates whatever I pour for him. So on Christmas, to the chagrin of The Wife, Ph.D., a day we hardly celebrate, I decided to organize a proper wine tasting with the 2008 Zambartas Maratheftiko and 2007 Hatzidakis Barrel-Fermented Assyrtiko from Santorini I had lugged across the Atlantic. I also bought a bottle of New Zealand's 2007 Millsreef Reserve Malbec Merlot, just in case us alcoholics needed an additional fix post-tasting. My mother invited the Creamy Family (Pae Cream, Mae Cream, Filha Cream and Bibi) for leftovers, wine and the ridiculing of her oldest son. Cousin #3, a Ph.D. student in Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, was also there, as well as my youngest brother, Shawarma Leg Lover, weapons upholstered, ready to mock whomever braved to stand tall before him.

And so I realized that no one in my family besides my father (and The Wife, Ph.D., so long as I don't lash out too much against her beloved island) takes this blog (and my wine tastings) half-seriously. Mrs. Broken Record does not drink wine; woman is hardcore and only consumes single malt whiskey with a Negra Modelo beer as a chaser. Cousin #3 seemed confused throughout the event, while my brother tried his darn hardest to embarrass me. The Creamy family, innocent bystanders to what Shawarma Leg Lover calls "our messed up family dynamics," just sat there and occasionally laughed, probably pretending to enjoy the process. Voila the results.

2007 Hatzidakis Barrel-Fermented Santorini Assyrtiko - Subtle yet fresh nose with floral and nutty notes, maybe a tad too much oak. Flavors mentioned included green apples, honey, quince, pineapple (this was my brother so please take it with a grain of salt), some herbs like rosemary, freshly baked bread and spices. Overall, a long-lasting, very dry, very round and mineral wine with excellent acidity. The Wife, Ph.D., and I gave it a 92/100, while Mr. Flog, obviously biased towards red wine, rated it an (unforgivable, in my opinion) 85/100.

2008 Zambartas Maratheftiko - Tight nose with hints of cherries, strawberries, licorice, roses and violets. A medium-bodied wine with a short finish. Slightly tannic yet with excellent flavor according to Pae Cream. Dark berries and plum on the front end and interesting spice (cloves, pepper) on the back end. 88+/100.

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Carol said...

Your family sounds fun!!! Especially Mrs. Brokern Record, I think I would like her ;-)
You have inspired me to learn more about wine, so that next time a "wine aficionado" comes to town I will have an idea of what he is talking about.

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